Protecting the citizens of San Joaquin County is our first and most important responsibility. As a retired investigator for both the Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s office, I have spent my entire career fighting to keep murderers and violent criminals off our streets. My work contributed to the convictions of some of San Joaquin’s most notorious criminals, including Antonio Espinosa, Alfredo Reyes, Sheriff Baxter Dunn and his fellow conspirators, Monty McFall and N. Allen Sawyer.

Elbert Holman was appointed to the Stockton City Council in 2009 to fill the 1st District seat vacated by Steve Bestolarides who was elected to the County Board of Supervisors. Twice re-elected, Elbert would eventually serve as Stockton's Vice Mayor.

As a retired investigator for both the Sheriff's Department and District Attorney’s office, Elbert Holman has had a long-distinguished career in public safety and is the only member of the City Council with hands on experience in what it takes to keep our streets safe.

Elbert started his career in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff in 1971. As a deputy, Elbert didn’t just take reports, he solved cases. And within three years, Elbert was promoted to detective. He then went on to become a sergeant heading up both the Burglary and Homicide Units where he successfully investigated and assisted in the prosecution of many dangerous criminals. In 1987, Elbert was recognized by the National United Law Enforcement Officers’ Association as one of the top African American Law Enforcement Officers in the United States.

After 20 years of service with the Sheriff’s Department, Elbert accepted an appointment as an investigator with the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office, assisting attorneys with many types of investigations including homicides. Then in 1997, Elbert was assigned to develop a Welfare Fraud enforcement unit. The unit he created has become a model for other jurisdictions experiencing welfare fraud.

By 2001, Elbert Holman became the first African American in California to become Chief Investigator for the District Attorney's office. His work as Chief Investigator would help lead to the conviction of County Sheriff Baxter Dunn and his fellow conspirators, Monty McFall, N. Allen Sawyer, Lynn Bedford and Tyler Reves.

In addition to handling some of San Joaquin County’s most notable criminal cases, Ebert also has the distinction of being part of a team of investigators that put many criminals on death row.

After a successful 34-year career in law enforcement, Elbert retired from the District Attorney’s office in 2005.

Elbert Holman is a lifelong San Joaquin County resident. He graduated from Edison High School and went on to attend Cal Poly, UOP and the FBI National Academy. He and his wife Marcia attend the Mayfair Seventh Day Adventist Church in Stockton. Together they have two successful daughters and seven wonderful grandchildren.

Ex-Stockton vice mayor Holman challenges Patti
April 30, 2019
On Tuesday, the day after his 70th birthday, Holman’s four-month hiatus concluded with his announcement that he will challenge incumbent Tom Patti for the District 3 seat on the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors in 2020. The primary is March 3, only 10 months away.
City Hall open house lets Stockton thank Holman, Lofthus for their service
December 18, 2018
Now at 69 years old, Holman was honored Tuesday outside those very same chambers for his decade of service as a councilmember and most recently as vice mayor to Mayor Michael Tubbs after being termed out.
SJCOG bids farewell to five members
December 7, 2018
At last night’s meeting, the SJCOG Board of Directors bid goodbye to Manteca Mayor Steve DeBrum, Stockton Vice Mayor Elbert Holman, Lathrop Council Member Steve Dresser, and Stockton Council Member Susan Lofthus – who are all finishing up their final days in public office.

The solution to San Joaquin County’s homeless problem is not a simple one. Like every other county in state, the homeless population continues to grow as California accounts for alomost 50% of the homeless in the United States.

We need to be compassionate, yet we must also ensure that all San Joaquin County residents can work, play and live without being accosted. We need to enforce the laws on the books, while working with rehabilitation, faith-based and mental health organizations to assist the homeless with their diverse needs.

The only way to alleviate our homeless problem is by working cooperatively with all agencies and municipalities. This ensures Stockton’s homeless problem does not become Manteca’s and vice-versa.

Michael Tubbs, Stockton Mayor
Susan Lenz, Stockton City Council Member
Dr. Mary Ann Cox, San Joaquin Delta College Trustee
Candelaria Vargas, Stockton Unified School Board Trustee
Gary Giovanetti, Former Stockton Vice Mayor
Diana Lowery, Former Stockton City Council Member
Van Ha To Cowell, Former Stockton Unified School Board Trustee
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Barbara Dondero
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